Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thursday, 2 April 2009

A PROMINENT East Lancashire community leader has been charged with six counts of sexual assault, it has emerged.
Junaid Qureshi MBE, 60, of Blackburn, was arrested at Manchester Airport in October, and now it has been revealed police have charged him with the six alleged offences against a 25-year-old woman.
The former non-executive director of NHS Blackburn with Darwen has been bailed to appear at Bolton Magistrates’ Court on April 20.
He stepped down as chief executive officer of the Ethnic Minority Development Association, a Blackburn-based organisation linking to 78 different community groups, after being charged.
At the time of his arrest, he was also a board member of housing association Prospect Homes, which runs Twin Valley Homes and Housing Pendle, a governor at Blackburn College and a board member of the University of Central Lancashire.
He was awarded the MBE in 1999 for work in community relations.
Mr Qureshi was arrested as he arrived back from Pakistan at Manchester Airport on October 30 2008, accused of a series of sex assaults over months since May 2008.

A statement from EMDA said Mr Qureshi had been suspended on full pay.

It read: “Members of the executive committee have recently become aware of certain allegations of impropriety.
"We take such matters very seriously.
"However, we also note that all people are innocent until proven guilty."
As CEO of EMDA, Mr Qureshi is consulted by Blackburn Council’s Local Strategic Partnership, but has no other roles with the council Both Blackburn College and Prospect Homes said they would be reviewing Mr Qureshi’s position.
College Principal Ian Clinton said: “Mr Qureshi is a college governor and has been for many years.
"We don’t have any governors’ meetings scheduled for the next two or three weeks, but I will be meeting the chairman of the board on Monday.
“Of course, we have to assume he is innocent until proven guilty, but the normal process for staff, governors and students in this kind of situation is that suspension would be considered, on the basis of allowing the individual to deal with their personal matters.”
Phil Richards, group chief executive of Prospect Homes, said: “I will need to speak to the chairman and decide what action, if any, will be taken, in line with the members’ code of conduct.
"He has been on our board since our inception two years ago, and was a member of the shadow board before that.”
Last month, Mr Qureshi stepped down as a non-executive director of NHS Blackburn with Darwen, the borough’s primary care trust, half-way through his four-year term on its board, citing personal reasons.
He was also a member of the board on the old East Lancashire Health Authority, which covered the entire of the region, before it was disbanded in 2000 to make way for new health structures.
Mr Qureshi sat as a non-executive director at the Lancashire and Cumbria Strategic Health Authority, but is not connected with NHS North West, which replaced it in 2002.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

BNP proved to best represent you

FOUR councillors have been condemned after a league table of meeting attendance records was published.
New figures show the majority of members of Burnley Council have turned out for 80 per cent of meetings or more.
But four councillors - two Liberal Democrat and two Labour members - have attended 40 per cent or less of their official duties.
Coun Imtiaz Hussain, of Bank Hall ward, has the worst attendance record, having attended only three out of 10 committees from May 2008 to the end of January 2009.
And Daneshouse and Stoneyholme councillor Zahir Ahmed and Coun Bernard Hill, who represents Rosegrove with Lowerhouse, have a 33 per cent turnout rate.
Coun Allen Harris, a Lib-Dem in Brunshaw, who has a 40 per cent attendance rate, blamed his absences on illness and work commitments.
He said: “I have been attending police meetings when no one else has, answering telephone calls and dealing with people’s queries.
“The reason that I became a councillor in the first place was to help people but I have not been in a position to turn down work.”
Coun Hill was unavailable for comment. However, Coun Gordon Birtwistle, leader of the council and ruling Liberal Democrat group, said: “Bernard works very unsociable hours in his job and it makes it very difficult for him to attend meetings.
“He works a lot of nights but he works very hard in his ward during the day and he is one of the hardest-working councillors we have got.”
Last April, Coun Ahmed faced banishment from the authority after failing to attend a council meeting in six months.
He said he had been caring for his sick father and was allowed to remain as a ward member for Daneshouse with Stoneyholme after attending a full council meeting. Since then, he has attended two out of six council meetings.
BNP group leader Sharon Wilkinson, who has a 100 per cent attendance record, said: “Our councillors attend meetings, which is what they were elected to do.
“It is okay for the Liberal Democrats and Labour to spout off about our attendance but here is the evidence.”
Coun Peter Doyle, Conservative group leader, added: “People should attend as many meetings as they possibly can when they are elected to the council.”
Couns Ahmed and Hussain were unavailable for comment.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Girl attacked with hedge trimmer

These types of vicious attacks on women are nowadays all too common occurrence in Pendle, however, what stands out in this particular case is given the Police’s usual appeasement when it comes to the bearers of enrichment how the Police bothered to get it before the courts in the first place never mind a conviction, however the most shocking aspect about this case is the sentence handed out to Rizwan Asghar. This slimeball was already on the sex offender’s list, which he appears to have breached with impunity and has a string of previous convictions to his CV. “Nearly two years” that was the pathetic sentence handed out to someone that could easily have killed hadn’t it not been for the intervention of a passer-by. A BNP government would make this dirt bag serve ten years hard labour.
An attacker that subjected a 17-year-old girl in a sustained a terror attack with an electric hedge trimmer is behind bars for nearly two years.
Burnley Crown Court heard how Rizwan Asghar hit the victim with the machine after a row, turned it on and threatened to cut her leg off. He had dragged her along the ground by her ponytail and punched and kicked her after driving with her and others to a remote spot outside Burnley.A walker who saw what happened bravely ran towards the defendant, shouting at him to stop, but he didn't and carried on the savage beating and shook his fist at her. The onlooker feared the victim would be killed and later told police the assault was "brutal, cold blooded and determined."

Asghar, a sex offender who had flouted the register, was responsible for a "catalogue of offences" committed over 18 months and had failed to comply with court orders, the hearing was told.The defendant (25), of Halifax Road, Brierfield, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, failing to comply with the Sex Offenders' Register, breaching a suspended sentence imposed for attacking a hospital security guard and driving with excess alcohol, driving without due care and attention, driving without a licence and with no insurance and obstructing a police officer. He was sent to jail for 94 weeks and banned from driving for three years.

Sentencing, Judge Heather Lloyd slammed the defendant as an "arrogant and violent bully" and said he had thought nobody would have the courage to make a complaint or give a statement about the assault.

She added the defendant had shown no remorse or victim empathy and continued: "This was a vicious attack upon a young female, Whatever the argument was about it did not justify this behaviour towards her." He picked up a hedge trimmer from the vehicle, got out, swung it around, put it in the boot and got back in the vehicle.

The argument continued and Asghar threatened to cut the girl's leg off. He then grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car, cutting her leg.As the victim lay on the floor, the defendant got the hedge trimmer, turned it on and put it against her leg, gashing it. She managed to get back in the vehicle, her friend locked the door, but the defendant unlocked it and swung the trimmer at her.
Mr Parker said the girl got out for her safety and Asghar then threw her to the ground, kicked her in the head and dragged her across the floor.
A man and a lady who did not know the party intervened and dragged the defendant off her. Other members of the public joined in to help her. The prosecutor said the victim suffered a cut wrist, swelling and bruising.Gemma Holden, the woman who went to the teenager's aid, told police she thought the defendant was going to kill her. She said he was repeatedly punching and kicking her as she lay defenceless on the ground and the girl seemed "totally shell-shocked" and quite limp. Aaghar had been tossing her around like a rag doll.Mr Parker said the witness was shocked and appalled by what she had seen and told officers the attack was brutal.Asghar was arrested and interviewed and none of the others in the car would make a statement. He did not make admissions. Some time later the witness and the victim picked him out on an identity parade.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Masturbating Asian jailed after fatal crash

It is not often we here at Pendle towers are surprised at the antics of the “bearers of enrichment”. However, just when one thinks one cannot be shocked anymore along comes Imran Hussain.
He has to genuinely take the prize for the most despicable excuse for a human beings I can think of. As a consequence of his disgusting reckless antics two good decent human being have been added to the fallen list, the price of “enrichment” we have had foisted upon us by successive governments who didn’t bother to have the courtesy to ask us first.
Hussain is a drunk driver who killed a father and son in a motorway smash whilst performing a sex act on himself minutes prior to the collision, a court heard. Imran Hussain was driving at speeds of up to 120mph minutes before ploughing into the back of a Fiat Punto carrying the Proctor family, from Wakefield. Gary Proctor, 47, and son James, 16, died in the smash on the M62 motorway near Rochdale, on 3 August. Hussain, of Bradford, was jailed for eight years at Manchester Crown Court. The court heard that Hussain's penis was partially exposed when motorists came to his aid after the crash.
This disgusting excuse for a human being will be back on the streets and no doubt on the roads too in about 4 years time. We say 20 years would not be long enough, reduced maybe after castration.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sick Brierfield councillor 'should resign’, says Labour

An unsightly public row has broken out between Labour and the LibDems over an Asian Pendle councillor facing calls to resign after she attended just two meetings in the last six months.Figures released this week show that Brierfield ward Coun Naseem Shabnam has missed seven meetings from nine since May.

Mohammed Iqbal, Labour leader at Pendle Council, has called for the Liberal Democrat to ‘step down.’ But Coun Shabnam said her poor attendance record has been due to ill health.
In the last six months there have been three full council meetings held in Pendle, all of which Coun Shabnam has failed to attend. She was present at just two out of six possible Brierfield and Reedley Area Committee meetings.

Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is especially important for her to attend the Brierfield and Reedley Area Committee meetings so she can reach the local community and get an idea of the issues affecting local people. If she’s not able to be there I would call upon her to resign.” But Coun Shabnam said: “I have not been well and have even got a sick note“

Under council policy, if a ward councillor fails to attend a meeting for six months, they can be asked to step down. Coun Tony Greaves, has accused him (Coun Iqbal) of ‘hypocrisy’ after he only attended two meetings of the Executive in the last two years. He added: “In the last two years he has been once to put his views across about taxis and then left straight after - for him to accuse other people is hypocrisy. Coun Greaves also said he thought Coun Iqbal was ‘stupid’ not to attend. But Coun Iqbal said he is under no obligation to attend the meetings and has slammed Coun Greaves for only attending 50 per cent of the last six meetings himself.

Lord Greaves is also quoted as saying, “I am surprised that Councillor Iqbal is pursuing this matter - pots and kettles come to mind.He gets an extra allowance to perform his duties as the third party (Labour) leader. One of those duties is to attend meetings of the Council Executive. I think he has been to just one such meeting in the past two years (and stayed for just one item on taxis).But it's typical of Councillor Iqbal - nothing constructive to offer to the Council or local people so he just "goes for the man not the ball".

As for Councillor Shabnam we are giving her as much support as possible in returning to her duties. She has been an excellent Councillor for Brierfield. (Well, he would say that wouldn’t he)?

To which Coun Iqbal replied,“Clearly Lord Greaves is spending too much time in London these days, as his attendance figures are worthy of a visit by residents. As for his claim about me attending Executive meetings, I get paid the extra £2,000 per annum for being Leader of the Labour group. I refuse to attend the meetings of the Executive which is run by Cllr Greaves and his other 9 colleagues who do as he tells them to. I along with Councillor Beckett , Tory leader refuse to take a seat at the table as Cllr Greaves refused to allow us equal rights at the table , we have no voting rights on any decisions. If he is the prepared to pass the "ball" then let's have an all Party Executive and not a dictatorship run by the few. As for his comment about Councillor Shabnam he hits the nail on the head when he says "she HAS been an excellent Councillor.
Pendle BNP councillor Brian Parker was quoted as saying "Pigs, Troughs, Snouts comes to mind"

What on earth is going on?

One bit of snow and the whole of the borough’s public services comes to a halt, half of the schools have been closed, which means parents having to have time off work to take care of the children, have we never had snow before?

I remember 20 years ago in Pendle council staff would throw grit down each of the back streets to allow essential services to gain access such as refuse collection, milkman etc, vital services if you’re an elderly resident, but now you’d be hard pressed to see a gritter save for the main trunk roads. The yellow grit containers on the end of every street have been stood there doing nothing in the same position all year so that the local kids can have a field day wrecking them and throwing the contents around and now have long since been emptied so that when winter arrives and we actually do need them they are of as much use as; well, an empty box .

Pendle council have issued the following statement;
"This council expresses great concern at the inadequate gritting service provided by the county council following the reduction of gritting wagons from four to three vehicles last year, the cuts in length of streets and roads salted on the precautionary routes, the refusal to grit residential cul-de-sacs or streets deemed 'too steep' by the county council and the cut in the amount of salt spread on those roads which are treated.

"This council resolves to demand that the county council restores the gritting service to an adequate level at least equivalent to that provided during the 30 years when Pendle Council carried out such work."

No doubt they will cite shortage of funds for the pathetic performance, but when it comes to promoting ethnic diversity at every opportunity into every aspect of our lives they have enough money for that, they can’t afford to give kids free milk but oh yes, they’ve suddenly got enough money to introduce barbaric Halal meat dinners onto the menu of every schoolchild in Lancashire without any consultation from the parents, (which as we all know is a brainwashing technique, all part of ZaNu Labour's big social engineering plan). They have money for that no problem.

While British pensioners face the choice between ‘eating or heating’, UK taxpayers will cough up nearly £500 million on schools and hospitals in Pakistan in a bid to buy off Islamist extremists blamed for terrorist attacks such as that in Mumbai last month.
This figure is in addition to the £1 billion given to Pakistan in July this year. I have to point out at his point that Pakistan has a Space Program, but Britain can’t afford one.

And the madness seems never ending; only this week we've had to listen to the Marxist BBC telling us how bad the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is, however, some three years ago whilst Zimbabwe's “war veterans” were busy murdering white farmers, the Mugabe government then was busy begging Britain for help in dealing with the cholera epidemic. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown responded by promising at least £8 million in assistance, despite the fact that the disease, spread by ingestion of faecal-contaminated food or water, is easily containable by basic hygiene.

“Our central hospitals are literally not working,” David Parirenyatwa, Zimbabwe’s Health Minister said at the time. “Our staff are de-motivated and we need your money and support to ensure that they start coming to work and our health system is revived.”

Well Gordon I have news for you, our Hospitals aren’t working either, also neither is anything else except for the relentless destruction of this country's well being since Nu Labour came to office.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Heroin dealer put behind bars.

A drug dealer who sold heroin to other suppliers has been jailed for five years.
Father-of-two Javed Khan was arrested after police, on other duties, came across him supplying to a man about noon in May last year. His home was then searched and officers found £3,000 cash which was contaminated with heroin, 1,000 plastic bags and weighing scales stashed in a cupboard, Burnley Crown Court heard. The defendant initially indicated he wanted to admit the allegation, but changed his mind, denied it and stood trial. He was convicted by a jury in October, but still protested his innocence and alleged claims by a probation officer that he had said he wished he had owned up and could turn back time were untrue, the hearing was told. Khan (33), of St Mary's Street, Nelson, was found guilty of possessing heroin with intent to supply. Sentencing.
DC Rachel North said cash at Khan's home had been "saturated" in drugs. She said she was very pleased with the length of sentence and added: "The judge recognised the defendant was not just a street dealer. He was supplying at high level and profiting from it."
The narco-terrorism poisoning white youth and destroying families in Pendle continues although with one less narco terrorist. This sentence comes only days after Pendle BNP councillor Brian Parker was arrested in a heavy handed dawn raid by several policemen, had his house ransacked and had personal phones of family members as well as council phones and computers seized after he allegedly distributed a leaflet that sought to secure an apology from Muslims for the heroin trade after it allegedly claimed 95% of the worlds Heroin was produced and distributed by Muslims. Unfortunately for councillor Parker, it’s not fascist oppression when ZanuLabour does it, only when you try and tell the truth does it become a crime in their eyes.